The Ancient Robotz
“Cause it’s not the difference, It’s what we have in common”. –Art B.

Digital Vintage Sound

Seattle’s own The Ancient Robotz came together in the spring of 2009. Their first show was at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont, where they opened for Seattle’s very own Laura (Piece) Kelley. Since then, they have been the hottest hip- hop band in Seattle. The group consists of seven very talented members with different musical backgrounds from classical to hip hop. They refer their style to be called Digital Vintage music. The Ancient Robotz has had the pleasure of performing with some of Washington’s hottest local artists such as Clemm Rishad, Roderic Peters, Jennifer Newberry, R. Curtis Fantpayne, Adrian Sims, Draze and many more. They have worked with Kube 93’s Tony B and Musica Entertainment group and Seattle’s Hemp fest 2009. They have also performed in many local Seattle clubs and lounges such as, Babalu’s, The Tripple Door, The Last Supper Club, The Contour, The Nectar Lounge and the Showbox. If you’re looking for a new sound a brand new Genre of music and want to be a part of this new experience of digital and edgy, funky, hip-hop filled with gospel, and some high notes of soul music, then check out the Ancient Robotz. You won’t be disappointed! “Cause it’s not the difference, It’s what we have in common”. –Art B.