THE ANCIENT ROBOTZ are a collection of talented individuals who work together towards greatness.  Formed in Seattle, 2009, The Ancient Robotz have undergone several iterations, and continue to perform with many artists.  The current line up includes four, very different from each other, lead vocalists who harmonize with each other as well as they individually command the spotlight.  The band is comprised of top notch musicians highly regarded among Seattle’s rich musical backdrop.


It is a widely accepted notion that great music is timeless.  The Ancient Robotz draw upon a well of time tested idioms such as R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Gospel. It is with these age old vintages that we fuse a fresh and modern style to create a joyful sound.  Our music is meant to impart a sense of wonder, inspiration, and encouragement.

There is an attitude of “TEAM” throughout the members that set The Ancient Robotz apart from most bands. We work together to sharpen each other, celebrating our diversity and forging through our commonalities.  It is that very contagious spirit that becomes the vehicle of inspiration towards our audience.  As evidenced in our live shows, there is no big “I” or little “U” in our campaign.  We invite you to participate in the experience as we venture towards our destiny.


Artimus Prime Keys
Jaisen Buccellato Guitar
Dylan Hughes Bass

AudioPoet Vocals
Daisy Bee Vocals
Minami Fukuda Vocals
Ngoni Chikoore Vocals


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